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This space is where I make posts about my outdoor adventures and shenanigans, narrative style. Sometimes I'll make big trips where I do enough things to justify making multiple posts about different parts of the trip. Checking those out is easiest with the navigation bar above. My most recent adventures are in these tiles listed chronologically from left to right!
Also, there's a handy-dandy map at the bottom of the page with all my adventures sorted into layers for each year :)

Playing in the Southwest

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Climber descending in Cochise Stronghold at sunset with vivid light

Climbing Iztaccihuatl - Take Two

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iztaccihuatl ixta izta glacier sunrise

Post Graduation Adventure

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misty forest taken from altitude

First Ascents

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Life Update

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lake with hills in Maine

Scuba Pics

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plants on the bottom of the ocean


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