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Wednesday, May 4th, 2022
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Somehow, It All Fit

I started my pack list a month before my departure date, and I started physically organizing and packing things a smidge over a week before my departure date. As I write this on Wednesday, 4 days before my departure date, I'm hella stressed about it. I know I've got all the things I need, which honestly is part of the problem! I forgot, in my silliness, that airlines probably wouldn't take kindly to me trying to fly with crampons, an ice axe, and trekking poles in my carryon. I hadn't envisioned checking any bags when I was visualizing my transportation situation, so I had to scramble to figure out a solution! I ended up buying a 70L duffel that will JUST fit my trekking poles and ice axe, which will also allow me more room in my carryon and an easier experience flying through my various destinations.
I've got a good handle on everything, but yesterday's scrambling to figure out the duffel solution still has me a tad anxious!
However, I am proud of how the packing went. I somehow managed to fit everything onto my poor hyperlite. I had to strap a bunch of stuff to the outside, mostly climbing gear, but it goes! The only time I'll have to walk for a significant period with ALL my things on my back will be the backpacking in Jotunheimen NP in Norway, and hopefully then I'll still be able to share some of the load with my glacier pal, Håvard.
I'm super excited to get started with the trip! apparently B, my caving friend in Alabama, is organizing a bonfire at his house while I'm visiting! More on that to come, but first I have to show off pictures from my packing day yesterday!

All my technical rock gear! There's no picture of this stuff packed up because it will mostly live strewn about the outside of my pack.

My glacier/snow gear. Also no picture of this stuff packed up because "Why?"

All my clothes for the trip strewn about (not including the pants I was wearing while taking the picture)

My clothes packed away nice and tight in their dry-bags

All my accessories/random items strewn about

All my accessories/random items packed nice and tight in organization sacks

My camp stuff ready to go

All my cooking gear. No picture of these packed because it's really just this stuff in a bag, not that exciting

More updates to come!


I discuss my packing experience, go over some difficulties I had in the process, and some of the implications of my packing for the trip!

Pack List

Technical Rock Gear
  • Doubles .5-2
  • Singles .3, .4, 3
  • 60m rope
  • TC Pros
  • Harness (w/ chalk)
  • ATC w/ locker
  • Revo w/ locker
  • Micro Trax
  • 8 Alpine draws
  • Prussik w/ locker
  • Static material
  • 2 sets of lockers
  • Small nut set
  • Small tricams
  • Helmet
  • Ikea bag
  • Crack gloves
Glacier/snow Gear
  • Crampons
  • Ice axe
  • 3x t-shirts
  • 2x undershirts
  • 3x underwear
  • 2x pants
  • 3x socks (2 warm, one normal)
  • bug hat
  • rain jacket
  • rain pants
  • green arcteryx jacket
  • BD leggings
  • patagonia nano puff
  • mountaineering boots
  • gloves
  • light-weight camp shoes
Personal Items/accessories/small shit
  • sunglasses
  • chapstick
  • notebook w/ pencil
  • deck of cards
  • deodorant
  • biodegradable soap
  • micro USB cable
  • USB-C cable
  • chonky powerbank
  • cellphone
  • sarong
  • travel toothbrush w/ toothpaste
  • bandana
  • small med kit
  • sleep mask
  • phone tripod
Camp Stuff
  • bivy
  • waterproof headlamp
  • backup headlamp
  • thermarest
  • sleeping bag
  • stove w/ lighter
  • fuel
  • titanium cook mug
  • plastic spoon/fork
  • 2x 32oz nalgene
  • water purification

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