2022 Solo Summer

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The idea for this trip was not very profound, I just felt driven to leave North Carolina and have some adventures for the summer! While not particularly profound, this trip is still a really big deal for me because it marks the first trip entirely planned by yours truly. Of course I had help along the way and I'm staying with friends and family here and there, but the only constants will be me and the things on my back. This trip marks a lot of firsts: First solo travel outside the US, first workaway, hopefully first glacier crossing, and more to be seen!
Thanks are in order to Daniel for spotting me after my trip fund was gutted by an expensive van repair. Thanks Daniel, if it weren't for you I wouldn't have been able to pull off this trip.
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Fun Details

- Places of Interest

- Number of Plane Rides: 15

- My journal keeping track of everything I did each day - Good luck!


A rough itinerary with brief descriptions of my activities:

  • Alabama - Caving, seeing family | May 8th - 11th
  • Brazil - Campo Grande: Working remotely, seeing family
    Rio De Janerio: Rock climbing, seeing family | May 11th - June 9th
  • Norway - Nesbyen: Workaway with Team Hallingdal
    | June 10th - July 16th
    Jotunheimen NP: Mountaineering and Backpacking | July 17th - July 19th
    Lofoten: Rock climbing | July 20th - August 8th
  • Germany - About You Pangea music festival | August 9th - August 17th

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Germany Pit Stop

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Climbing Lofoten

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On Top of Northern Europe

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Sled Dog Workaway

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Climbing Rio de Janeiro

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Campo Grande

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Bleeding Ghyll and Canyon Cave

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Packing Up

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