The Pan-American Highway


I really have Kelly, my ex-girlfriend and friend, to thank for this trip. She had been planning it long before we met as a fun way to get to the Cape Horn Biosphere in southern Chile for a study she has had in the works for years. You can read more about her and how cool she is here!

The timing for when she had to leave for her study, and for my own life changes lined up perfectly for us to make this trip together. Up until mid 2021, I worked in IT user support for six years and was growing sick of it. Since 2017 I have been in school part time while working full time, and I finally decided to switch to full time school and part time work in order to set myself up best for my future career (wherever it ends up being). The transition between these two periods in my life is the perfect time to take a gap semester for a big trip like this, so off we go!

P.S. I didn't write about our time driving across the US to get to the Baja Peninsula because we pretty much rocketed across as fast as we possibly could!

You can check out a few hundred choice photos from the entire trip here!

Trip Stats

  • Total Hours Driven Outside of the US: 215
  • Total Miles Traveled Outside of the US: 6,530
  • Total Miles Driven Outside of the US: 5,726
  • Total Miles by Boat: 456
  • Total Miles by Bus: 232
  • Total Miles by Taxi: 75
  • Total Days On The Road: 103
  • Where We Camped
  • Date We Departed The US: October 1st, 2021
  • Date I Returned To The US: December 31st, 2021
  • Number of Hair Ties Lost: 3
  • Number of Hair Ties Destroyed: 2
  • If you only read one post from this trip, make it this one

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